So yesterday was my last babies birthday Sharntelle my daughter is the 3rd love of my life my miracle baby who the lord presented as a special gift that took time for me to really appreciate and make real sense of through our emotional roller coaster called life

One day I’ll tell our full story but for now my youngest child now being 20 just shows how time has flown by as I remember her birth like it was yesterday 

The saying time stands still for no one is so true so we must make the rest of the time that we have in this life count we must see the true value of what we have in this life and make it our absolute mission to really live each day to the fullest, make clear decisions, join forces with other great people and go for what we say we want

I am here to support anyone who is in need of growth and direction as it simply starts with a thought and a conversation so I’ll give you my time… But and here’s a big butt please and I repeat please do not waste my time

My time is precious the same as yours should be so if I’m giving you my time I have an expectation and that is for you to now use what I have given you to win more…

Family use it don’t lose it and be the greatest creator of your own success, make a decision to make this phase of your life the very best experience of your life 

Have the greatest day

With love honour and respect

Your friend Amanda Burnett 


Please feel free to leave a comment share your thoughts and experience


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