She called, paused for a while and then with extreme excitement said she was so happy, she told me that her son of 20 had got his first job.

Now this might not be a big deal to some of you but when you can see your only son’s passion for life dying with a no hope, nothing matters, there’s no point even trying attitude it gets a caring mother thinking about the future possibilities for her child  

We all have goals, dreams and aspirations for our children but the reality is that when they reach a certain stage of life we cannot control their thoughts or experiences and this can be real haaaaaard for a mother

Anyway back to my girl and her excitement, going back 6 months I received a distressing call from her, she was worried about her son and had allowed anxiety to create a very negative picture in her mind of what she thought could be happening, as you can imagine this presented a very different kinda conversation

“My friend feared for her son and asked what she should do to help”

Sometimes we can over complicate things and over look the obvious, I told her that first she must just continue to love him now more than ever before, then I told her to praise him for all the small things that he did, I told her not to nag him but to show faith and belief in him, I encouraged her to tell him how she felt and treat him like a man, even though he was still learning the skills it takes to be a man


My friend listened, but let me tell you the extra added ingredient to her shift in thought and behaviour were her actionsl

The biggest most important messages of influence that we can give as precious gifts of knowledge learning and all inspiration to our children is our actions

Talk is cheap but if we mirror the behaviours that we want others to duplicate and follow we must first be the real evidence

My friend led by positive example and became the model for her son, she learned to be a business woman, she became her own boss, she’s pushed her boundaries, stepped outside her comfort zone, named the negatives, never gave up or backed down from a challenge


Respect my friend #coachingworks #iloveyou






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