That winning feeling…

I’ve realised that I find the greatest joy in helping others, it may seem crazy to some but I see it as an art like an artist enjoys painting a  beautiful picture, like a chef loves creating amazing culinary delights, my greatest passion is to see other people win

I shared an amazing discussion with my team tonight and the question was, how do you feel when your winning, completing tasks, getting things done, you see its crucial that we capture those positive reassuring messages and feelings of positivity knowing that we can do whatever we put our minds too when our mission is serious

So we took turns to dig deep and pour out all our individual feelings of greatness particularly when we’re on track, beating down walls and our missions are being accumplised

If your reading this post I’m sure you’ll too identify with some of the feelings that were shared

CAROL – I feel a sense of achievement when I get things done, I feel good and I’m encouraged to push harder

RUTH – I feel happiness, more motivated to keep going sharing, helping and contributing to the happiness of others

ROSE – I feel like I’m making a   difference to myself and others when I achieve what I set out too, I get to celebrate my achievements and highlight the good times

BROOKLYNN – I feel encouraged and more confident when I’m achieving results, it feels like my efforts were not in vain, winning just helps me feel better

LYNETTE – I’m on a bit of a buzz when I’m winning, I’m more focused, on a real high with a warm zest feeling in my body (I just loved her description)

KAREN – When I’m achieving goals it really feels like I’m getting somewhere, a sense of accomplishment and it feels good, winning helps to lift mood and I know that I’m ultimately working to build grow and manage my business

We compared all of these experiences to being at an amazing event with a great inspirational speaker, your worried that you’ll run out of ink cause your just eating up dem inspirational nuggets, your papers on fire and your lil hands trying but just can’t write quick enough

At that very rare but precious moment your lit, illuminated, filled with a strange but wonderful feeling an energy that tells you that you can do anything

Our collective mission tonight was to find ways to capture that moment that feeling of positive, peaked organic glow

There really was a  method behind the  madness and together we celebrated realness, honesty, truth and found that when we make it our mission to do it for someone else our strength determination and fight for them cause us to inevitably win


Be someone elses blessing and win more -Amanda


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