We find time for what we really, really want in life… The stuff that makes us feel good!!!

I’ve thought about this for a while and asked myself the question, how can I do more of what I want and get paid???

The answer was simple it started with a mouth watering desire, questions and a decision, what if I do verses what if I don’t…

I looked at my challenged situation and knew that I had to do something about it, I needed to make more money “but it’s all too easy to bury our head in the sand and do absolutely nothing”

I realised that my situation would not change if I didn’t, but I was still resistant to change… And I actually said that I didn’t have time!

This is a phrase that people including myself often use when we’re faced with challenge and confronted by the fear and realisation that a higher level of action is required

When I looked at the consequences if I didn’t I soon sprung into action and moved fast, I first needed to be the change if I wanted my situation to change so I explored options found something that I was passionate about, and made me feel great…

It was irresistible and I had to make time for this 




















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